Unarmed Security

To protect people and property


ADS Guards is offering unarmed security services to retail, private businesses, private and commercial structures, and construction sites. Our security guards are reliable and well prepared and trained to deal with dynamic situations. They all have all the required expertise and experience to protect you, your employees and business. ADS Security officers can be in regular clothes, matching suits or in security uniform. Our guards are also prepared to consistently be proficient and gracious to your clients while checking for any burglary or property damage. Unarmed security guards make a solid presence and are liable for the assurance and security of people, properties, and buildings.

Top 5 Benefits of Unarmed Security Guards

Our security guards along with our dispatch operators make an expert team. They work together as a team to prevent vandalism and crime. They assist the law enforcement organizations to better understand any criminal activities that may have taken place. As a team our dispatch operators and security guards document incidents in detail and share it with management, law enforcement and our valued clients.

We work around the clock to make sure you are safe. We provide reliable security guard services that can help deter criminals and to make your work environment safe.

We train our guards thoroughly and constantly. We believe in continuous training and upgrade of skills and certifications. All our guards and supervisors are well trained to deal with dynamic situations and can solve problems and come up with preventive solutions. They work as a team to implement solutions to mitigate any future vulnerability and security risk.

Criminals try to commit crime at any time they have an opportunity to do so. ADS Guards officers have constant communication with our dispatch and our clients to make sure they respond quickly and efficiently to any criminal activity. Our response to crime is fast and reliable.

We trust our security guards and they trust our management. Together we work to provide a trustworthy service that you and your team can count on. Our security guards are accountable and so is our management team. We will make sure your security guard shows up to work on time and works hard and diligently the entire time we are at your site. We will document all the activities and we will make sure to provide you with information you can trust.