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Security Services
ADS Provides the Best
We are one of the best Security Guards companies in Bay Area CA, San Antonio TX and Portland Oregon
We are one of the best Security Guard companies in Bay Area CA, San Antonio TX and Portland Oregon.
We are one of the best Security Guard companies in Bay Area CA, San Antonio TX and Portland Oregon.

ADS Provides the Best

Security Services

ADS Provides the Best

Security Services

We are one of the best Security Guard companies in Bay Area CA, San Antonio TX and Portland Oregon.
Advanced Technology Security Services

Advanced Technologies

We Utilize Technology

We Utilize Technology

Advanced Technologies

Advanced Technologies

We Utilize Technology

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Welcome to Ads Security Guards.

Security guards service –by ADS. We are here to ensure your company receives the best security guards services. First of all, our variety of services is here to cater to every need. Because they mix in multiple features, ADS security guards solutions are designed to protect businesses.

Also, unwanted events can occur. As a result, a mindset of “it cannot happen to me” will not help. This is why, with the right mindset and our security guards service offer, your property can be safe from:

      • Theft
      • Damage
      • Property destruction

At ADS we make it our mission to provide top class security guard services. Therefore, they add value to your company. Being safe enables you to focus on your mission. Certainly, together we improve our community!

Integrated security solutions
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Fast 24/7 Response Time

(510) 742 – 8000 (California)

(210) 714 – 3030 (San Antonio)

(503) 925 – 4600 (Oregon)

(360) 719 – 4991 (Vancouver)

(206) 620 – 2260 (Seattle)

(832) 917 – 6994 (Houston)




Technology driven security @ Ads Guards

Technology driven security at Ads Security Guards Service

ADS Security Guards Services uses cutting edge mobile technology. Above all, it is updated, backed-up and fully reliant. As a result, it enables us to stay on top of all our systems. So, it helps as we receive daily reports – complete and thorough.

Our reports provide a full insight. We look at duties completed by ADS trained security guards. That helps us assess their process. It manages their interaction with your employees and your environment. With the help of professional risk assessors, we fully optimise your security needs.

Services overview of Ads Security Guards Service

Our services are fast, professional and customer-oriented

Security guard service needs differ from one business to another. From scale to features, ADS’ 25 years of experience have prepared us for your needs. Adaptability is our keyword. As a result, our services are fully customizable for any business or event.

Providing YOU with the best security is our job. Yours it to thrive in a safe environment ensured by the best security guards service by ADS

Customized Security

We are committed to work with you as a team and design a solution that address any and all of your security concerns. No matter what your security challenges maybe, our professional team will customize a solution to address all those challenges.

Event Security

ADS can deploy trained security professionals to prevent any security risks before it becomes a problem. We have an excellent history and track record in event security, protecting all different sizes of venues.

Mobile Patrol

This is one of the proactive form of security service we proudly provide to our valued clients.

ADS mobile patrol has been proven to deter theft, property vandalism, construction site disruptions and other crimes.

Armed Security

At ADS we ensure our armed security guards are well trained and responsible to meet all your armed security needs. Armed security is another type of our customized security options we provide to solve complicated and challenging security situations.

Unarmed Security

At ADS we ensure our unarmed security guards are well trained and well-equipped to meet all your security needs. With highly customized security options we are ready to work with you and create the best solution that meets all your requirements.


We are here to ensure your construction site is protected around the clock.  Our security professionals are trained to protect the project site from unwanted visitors and guard your valuable and expensive equipment and construction materials. 

Contact Our Team

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Masih Jalala (MJ)
Owner, Manager
Call: 510-714-1797

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Yasmin Salim
Director of Operations
California Office
Call: 510-402-3315

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Matiullah Murad
Director of Operations
San Antonio, Texas office
Call: 210-714-3030

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Hamid Shukur
Director of Operations
Portland Oregon office
Call: 503-470-0779

ADS Security Guard Service is delivering the Best in Class and The Most Customized Security solutions you desire.

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“We have been pleased with your service and it is my wish that we part on good terms.”


Hiromi Matsumoto

V.P. of Finance & AdministrationNissin International Transport U.S.A., Inc.

Liked the way you guys treat your customers, the prices are pretty great too!

Mary Vinero


Thanks for the quick and professional service! I was happy to know about safety.

Romeo Sanchez

Hotels Group